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Welcome to J. Linder Design and Consultants

J. Linder Design and Consultants is the premier landscape and lawn care maintenance company in the Metro Atlanta area. Our clients frequently recommend our services to friends and family because not only do we offer the best landscape design in the MetroAtlanta, but we pride ourselves on the relationships we form with clients. Every Intown Atlanta landscaping customer deserves a beautiful lawn design and excellent maintenance to keep it looking beautiful. 

Part of the reason that so many clients come to J. Linder is because they've seen our work. From pristine trees, flowers, grass and garden accessories to truly environmentally conscious lawn care products, we believe in making lawns beautiful from the inside out. Whether you want to spruce up your home with stunning Atlanta landscape design or you just want to add some new shrubs and trees to your front yard, we're ready with ideas that will impress you and your neighbors. 

Our team is committed to beautiful Atlanta landscape design in a way that you have never seen before. It's our specialty, something that we love and enjoy as a passion. We are particularly proud of each and every landscape design because it takes so much attention to detail and proper care. We also fully understand the big picture that clients need and expect, which is why we always deliver on our promises and make sure the customer is always satisfied first. 

Check out our latest designs and specials to see what our Metro Atlanta landscaping designs can do for your home. ​
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